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Architecture in the time of Covid-19


How are you friends? The last few weeks brought rapid change. We went from Early Spring fever (with daily new project calls) to radio silence. From optional, then recommended work from home for all, to cancelling all in-person meetings. Thankfully most of us had practiced with online tools for years, and all our files and most tools are cloud based. By now we received the first calls from existing clients cancelling or tabling their projects. A hotel project first, then a small school project. Then the new projects started to freeze. I know we all have these stories, and attending one of SBDC/SBA’s disaster management webinars, and hearing about everybody’s hardships made that abundantly clear. We will all need patience and compassion as we move through this. On the upside, I LOVE watching our local community step up and support the take out local restaurants. My appreciation for Great Falls and Montana is only growing as I see Kindness express itself in many ways.

On the home front, I (Sophia), Bill (my husband), Leo (5YO daughter), and Billy (3YO son) are also trying to adjust. After some possible exposures, we’re already in self elected quarantine. Ten days in, any opportunity to work Is a welcome reminder of what normal was. It’s like a ping-pong game with my husband and I taking turns covering the kids so the other gets a moment of focus. On the upside, Spring is coming, and we have the perfect excuse for daily nature outings. How are you coping?

Leo building her unicorn fort..

So where do we go from here? We would love your ideas for what services and assistance we might be able to provide as we move forward. At this point we are thinking about the following two:

  1. Adaptive re-use for Covid Response Facilities. Motel to field hospital? Feel free to steal the idea!
  2. Plans for the future. This one is hard since many of us are facing immense uncertainty. At the same time there might be incentives such as low interest rates, and something built doesn’t disappear overnight when the market crashes. Last, it could be a nice thing to think about when you need a break from the News?
  3. Help other businesses to get setup with online tools? We are quite fluent with all the Google Gsuite products (gmail, docs, sheets, forms, drive, meet, chat), Scoro, Xero, and Flow…..
  4. Other creative thinking or problem solving. We love a good challenge! You name a question or puzzle and we throw spaghetti on the virtual wall..
  5. What else does the world need?

From all of us at Spark Architecture, we wish you health, self-compassion, patience with your loved ones, good nerves, and good sleep! From me (Sophia) personally, I want to share advise I received from a good friend: Even in hard time there will be moments of joy. Attempt to pause and take those moments in to the fullest. It may be a moment of awe in nature. A funny meme. The laughter of kids who truly know what joy is. While we don’t have immunizations for Corona yet, these moments can make a big difference in enabling us to cope with the stressors ahead.

Take the kids outside. Parenting while working from home..
Kids still enjoy all the extra time…

Sophia Sparklin

Growing up in a family with generations in medical practice, Sophia discovered her passion for architecture during an internship 1996. Since then Sophia received formal and informal education in Germany and the US. At Arizona State University she was honored by the Henry Adams Certificate for graduating on top of her (Master of Architecture) class in 2005.