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PRESS RELEASE February 23, 2021 For Immediate Release From theory to practice: Great Falls Architecture Firm sets out to model positive business impact as Public Benefit Corporation (Great Falls, Montana) — Spark Architecture, a certified woman-owned (WOSB) firm in Great Falls, Montana, has announced its reorganization as a Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp). Shareholders at…(Read More)

R4HQ FWP Office

Fish Wildlife and Parks: R4HQ Great Falls, Montana Project Title: EXPAND REGION 4 HQ FISH, WILDLIFE, AND PARKS “R4HQ” Client: State A&E / Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks  Paul Blumenthal Short Description: New 2,200 SF Office Building to support staff from Parks, Fishing Access spots, BMA, and IT. Feasibility of annexing to…(Read More)

Amy Grisak


“All we can do is breathe deeply, step forward, and trust in the light right in front of us…(Read More)

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How are you friends? The last few weeks brought rapid change. We went from Early Spring fever (with daily new project calls) to radio silence. From optional, then recommended work from home for all, to cancelling all in-person meetings. Thankfully most of us had practiced with online tools for years, and all our files…(Read More)

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Reprint from: AIA Montana Newsletter 3/17/2020 Strategies in the time of the Corona VirusSophia Sparklin, AIA – Immediate Past President  With Corona creating great uncertainty, a community like ours can be a platform to exchange things that work. In the next weeks, let’s bring our community in Montana to life with our insights…(Read More)

Compensation Scale

Pay Scale As partof our process to become a Montana Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) in Spring 2020, Spark Architecture has fully transparent compensation guides. Salary levels range from 5 to 15, meaning that the maximum gap between lowest and highest paying positions is capped at a factor 3.                               …(Read More)

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Or better every day, sums up our “just cause”. But what comprises “Everyday (life)” ? And what makes it better? Given that our work is with and for other human beings, it helps to gain some clarity of what makes us tick…(Read More)

Spark: Welcome to the team!


Let us know if you are interested in joining our team, so you are the first to know when we post a new position. As a tease, this is the first step in our Onboarding, copied out of our employee manual. WELCOME Note from Sophia: I founded Spark Architecture in 2012 because of a persistent…(Read More)



Headquarters Employee Lounge 2018 It is one thing for a company to write a culture statement, and another one to build it. In 2018 VisionNet decided to do just that: “Vision Net takes pride in fostering a friendly culture that inspires creativity, passion and accountability.” turned into a space dedicated to the team. Congratulations! Contractor…(Read More)

Broadwater Bay


“We were very pleased with the work provided. It was a tight timeframe with siting constraints including exposure, building separation distances, city zoning, and brownfield remediation fill. We highly recommend Spark Architecture” Mary A. Stelling, P.E. Great West Engineering Contractor: Dick Anderson Construction 2017 Photographer: Corinna Dahlin 2019…(Read More)

Fierce Listening?


How are you listening? For Gist, Rebuttal, Logic, Emotions, or Point of View? The latter aims for a deep understanding the other person’s world. The listening experience becomes progressively more “fierce”, You know that you did a great job when you’re utterly exhausted after 20 minutes. At a recent client-centered workshop at…(Read More)

… should not stay in Vegas. As 2019 President of AIA Montana I had the pleasure to represent our state at our National Conference. This is a copy of my article for our latest Newsletter: Let me qualify that.  I was happy to make it  back to Montana late Saturday. Vegas is deliberately designed…(Read More)

Bridging between an innovative approach serving several market sectors, and local influence (aka neighbors) was a driving force for this feasibility study. Our initial services to our client, a developer with land holdings, included a thorough site assessment, program workshopping, and conceptual designs. Part One: included a comprehensive site review, overlaying physical, systemic, and market…(Read More)

We love a good story, and depending on whether you prefer drama, action, or romance you’ll end up with a villain or a hero. It is very tempting to think of our successes and failures in the same way, but that would be a costly mistake. In math a system of equations is considered…(Read More)

Yes! Don’t underestimate what your design team can do for you in the early early phases. Benefits for you include “pretty pictures” that can mellow those (suburban sprawly mansion residing) neighbors to your ideas, attract investors, and get the City planning department on board. We love it because it allows us to design settings…(Read More)

We love pocket neighborhoods for all ages, but recently explored more applications of them in the active adult and senior market. Baby Boomers have had their taste of Suburbia, and are more open to try a smaller footprint in a more vibrant community setting. They have a reputation to seek out adventures, whether that may…(Read More)



Have you ever attempted to do a SWAT analysis of your site? We’re not talking about special weapons, but this is definitely entering the area of tactics: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. That same emotional excitement that drives us, can become a bias that blinds us to somewhat predictable challenges. In this post we…(Read More)

Zoning can have huge implications on your costs and the development potential of your site. You as the developer likely want to maintain decent relationships with your governing municipality, so how do you decide when to accept what’s written, and when to fight for changes? A quick overview: There are few places in which…(Read More)

Unit types and count per acre are often the first questions entering the discussion. We recommend starting with these three steps: Review comprehensive market data with your team. We recommend looking at demographics and psychographics to get the best picture of what your market looks like today, and where it might be headed.Now it…(Read More)

Spark Value #4: Learning


Learning: This one started out under the label “Evolution”, in the sense of we learn and change based on those experiences. However I found myself explaining the learning intent behind it, versus some hardcore Darwinian approach. Learning.  From others, but most importantly from our own mistakes and missed opportunities. This is hard and can be…(Read More)

Excellence To clarify, this is not perfection. Rather the ability to synthesize many factors, finding an elegant simplicity and clarity out of complexity. An aspiration in projects. Finding Beauty by: Minimizing waste, maximizing benefit, and unearthing the most potential.. Doing more with less. Synthesize, distill, prioritize in a world of growing complexity and unlimited choices…(Read More)

Spark Value #2: Clarity


Clarity (and what it means for Authenticity, Simplicity, and Transparency) When I first described this value it was labeled “authenticity”. But something kept nagging me, whispering “but what about clarity, isn’t it essential, and authenticity just a part of that, along with things like transparency and simplicity?”. Keeping a list to five is incredibly…(Read More)

3. Responsibility A delivery principle in projects: It is an incredible honor and responsibility to be trusted with a project, and we take that seriously. No finger pointing and blame games. Successful projects depend on a team acting as a tem, including consultants, owners, and contractors. We seek to actively resolve issues, and proactively anticipate…(Read More)


Sophia Sparklin

Growing up in a family with generations in medical practice, Sophia discovered her passion for architecture during an internship 1996. Since then Sophia received formal and informal education in Germany and the US. At Arizona State University she was honored by the Henry Adams Certificate for graduating on top of her (Master of Architecture) class in 2005.