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Spark Value #1: Health


1. Health A design principle in projects. Health promoting  spaces, supporting the health of their users, their organizations, and the environment.   A driving force in our culture We expect you to take good care of your health, and offer a culture that provides space and incentives for life-work balance. And health insurance. &nbsp…(Read More)

Spark Values


After finishing Ray Dalio’s “Principles” for the second time, I felt compelled to summarize my own principles for Spark. Call it a work in progress! Spark Values: When facing a question or decision on whom to hire (or whether to apply to work for us), how to approach a project, or what culture to…(Read More)

In Part 1 we shared why we believe that good project management is so important to good design and architecture. On to what we have come to consider Key Ingredients of Architectural Project Management. We are far from perfect, but  use every project to get better. The biggest “aha” moment for me was that, rather…(Read More)

The design process can look like a black box or a divine spark  of inspiration.  While the best projects depend on a good dose of inspiration, all projects depend on a solid process. We believe that to bring that initial enthusiasm to a successful finish, astute project management is needed. Part of the magic is…(Read More)

This Friday, 11/02/2018, it is time for Harvest Howl, our annual fundraiser for Camp Rotary. Enjoy a double header concert with Sawyer Brown and Sister Hazel, as well as great food, drinks. Sophia is an active Rotarian, and loves the impact Rotary has on a wide range of local and global initiatives. For…(Read More)

Fashion Nail Spa


An automotive Supply store turned into a Spa: A breath of fresh air, with state of the art ventilation and nail art moving into this vacant former automotive store. Tip: your nail services come with a beverage of choice, and there is a private “party” room! Color selections by client; photography by Corinna Dahlin…(Read More)

  Our new landlord Jason Madill at 410 Central graciously agreed to transform the biggest wall in our office into a 300 SF Whiteboard, and presented us with the “Biggest Whiteboard in Montana Award”. It took some experimenting with different products, and the discovery that some Whiteboard paint is marker specific (better or worse with…(Read More)

PART 3: More Hygge through Architecture: Architects like to use the phrase “Programming”: Taking a very close look at all your project must-haves, and nice-to-haves. Before we ever start designing we interview clients about all their wishes, concerns, functions, and “problems”. We test assumptions, and take new ideas for a test drive…(Read More)

Before going into some architectural ideas for your next project in Part 3, I’d like to share a few everyday things I experimented with to sample Hygge. Pick whatever sounds good, I would love to hear about your own experience! Part 2: Everyday Life Hygge: Acknowledging the realities of my current life I focused…(Read More)

Happy Thanksgiving! As we enter the Holiday Season, I would like to share a mini series about Hygge, the Danish Art of Cozyness with you. It inspired me to bring a little bit more coziness back into my life, and I hope this may do the same for you. Enjoy! When was the last time…(Read More)

Six Degrees – Headquarters for a Creative Branding Agency Location: Scottsdale, AZ Type: Tenant Improvement / Interiors Client: Six Degrees Role: Sophia as project manager and designer at Architekton (www.architekton). Copyright: Architekton Project Features: Architecture reflecting brand image Client Quote: “I want to arrive at the office and feel like entering a cool night club.”…(Read More)

Ross Farnsworth YMCA


Location: Mesa, AZ Type: New construction on College Campus Client: Valley of the Sun YMCA Role: Sophia as project manager and architect in training at Architekton Copyright: Architekton Project Features: Amenities serving the campus and community at large, including Pools, Gym, Child watch, Climbing Wall. Discovery: Good Design can make a big difference. A few…(Read More)

Hugging the hills.

The Cabin


Life is full of change, kids grow up, and priorities evolve. With the kids out of the house, our clients were ready to sell their old A-fame cabin that had served the family for several decades. According to our client, her kids reminded her of how meaningful their family traditions and childhood memories were…(Read More)

Beargrass Village


I know I’m not supposed to have “favorite” projects.. But that is really hard when Beargrass Village is in the running! Yes, we get to design cool Cottages and Townhouses, but in this case we also have the rare opportunity to design the neighborhood. Following the principles that Ross Chapin laid out in his…(Read More)

Cogito House


We love infill lots! Not only do we often find those bits of land in amazing neighborhoods, they can also come with mature landscaping. In this case it came with a big tree, right within our buildable footprint. The owner was interested in exploring options to work around the existing trees and shrubs. We developed…(Read More)

Cottage Grove Townhouses


One house, two houses, Townhouses: A few years ago a landowner of residential parcels approached us to develop some townhouse prototypes. His neighborhood was next to our great new soccer complex, but tricky soils and unconventional lot shapes made development slower than expected. We started with the smallest lots, which tend to be the hardest…(Read More)


Sophia Sparklin

Growing up in a family with generations in medical practice, Sophia discovered her passion for architecture during an internship 1996. Since then Sophia received formal and informal education in Germany and the US. At Arizona State University she was honored by the Henry Adams Certificate for graduating on top of her (Master of Architecture) class in 2005.