Our process promotes a deep understanding of your needs, priorities, and project’s unique location and character. We combine that individual understanding with the technical, artistic, scientific, and psychological considerations of our design process. This is where the chemistry happens. This is where our profession becomes a form of art.


Your time is valuable. In the first phase of your project we develop a schedule outlining key milestones along the way.  We know there is such a thing as too many choices, and based on your input we narrow down those decisions to manageable and meaningful options. Before too long we’ll be celebrating your very own groundbreaking, and sending you a house warming gift!

Why healthy buildings?

Health has a huge impact on happiness. On average we spend 90% of our time indoors, which directly affects our health in many ways. Our design process includes a review of all WELL Building Standards to find the best strategies for your project.

Why green buildings?

While many green building strategies are invisible and require some additional up-front costs, the outcome is an investment in your future and those beautiful places around you, as well as significant cost savings over the lifecycle of your building. Our design process allows us to look at buildings as a strategic puzzle, in which we have many opportunities to optimize a building for its purposes. As an example, we may run simulation models that can predict how simple changes may save you as much as 50% in energy use. As the world around us changes, the cost of water, electricity, and transportation is uncertain, there is no better way to build resiliency.

Certifications and Accreditations

Our practice starts from a rigorous set of criteria that exceeds the baseline code performance. This baseline has been developed with a keen eye towards prioritizing items with high impact and return on investment. We can further work towards achieving certifications such as LEED, Passive-house, NetZero and Well. Beyond bragging rights these certifications can be powerful tools to focus the design process and ensure that your building performs up to your expectations.