Paradigms of today’s college classrooms


While a basic specification of a classroom still includes maximum occupancy counts and available technology, teaching and learning methods have moved away from a strict lectern to audience monologue.

Presenters, whether teacher or student, move around the room, pointing at projections on different surfaces, and addressing different groups. With an increased focus on collaboration, student seating rearranges fluently in the course of a single lecture, starting out in traditional classroom layout, breaking out into work groups, and returning to a classroom setting to present their groups results. Individual groups may have dedicated whiteboards-projection surfaces at their disposal. Students or groups can submit questions and input through their tablets. (Ipad and similar). From here, it is only a small step to link off-site students to participate in the same class.

A common mistake is to block all daylight in an attempt to facilitate better projection. While glare has to be carefully controlled by window placement, size, blinds, or switchable skylights, daylight greatly contributes to student alertness. Further, projection technology has improved to function in much brighter settings.


Steelcase has developed a number of integrated product solutions for today’s Education market ranging from chairs to mulch-media collaboration.

node with worksurface

Solatube has developed switchable skylights, that can be dimmed to accommodate a variety of light levels. While Skylights have the potential to greatly enhance lighting quality and reduce long term energy costs, first cost remains a challenge. Code requires to provide sufficient artificial lighting, which makes skylights a common value engineering target.

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