Spark Value #4: Learning



This one started out under the label “Evolution”, in the sense of we learn and change based on those experiences. However I found myself explaining the learning intent behind it, versus some hardcore Darwinian approach.

Learning.  From others, but most importantly from our own mistakes and missed opportunities. This is hard and can be deeply uncomfortable at first, but pays off 1000 times.

We foster a culture where it is expected to bring up issues, and make it safe to disclose them, rewarding transparency instead of “punishment”.

In projects that also means asking  for honest client feedback (most people are reluctant to do so, so be persistent, making them say just one suggestion, and then another.  Doing post occupancy evaluations, sometimes these can be informal observations and extra questions during warranty walkthroughs.

Change. We know that change is hard and uncomfortable, but expect lots of it as we grow, learn from our mistakes, and anticipate future trends. We expect our team to contribute to how we change, developing better systems, and creating better opportunities along the way.

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  1. Health: People (including relationships), Projects, Organization, Community, Planet
  2. Clarity (and Authenticity): It takes effort and courage, but is so worth it.
  3. Responsibility: Intrinsic motivation, and being fully invested in your projects success.
  4. Learning: Learning,  implementing, evolving.
  5. Excellence: Not perfection

Sophia Sparklin

Growing up in a family with generations in medical practice, Sophia discovered her passion for architecture during an internship 1996. Since then Sophia received formal and informal education in Germany and the US. At Arizona State University she was honored by the Henry Adams Certificate for graduating on top of her (Master of Architecture) class in 2005.