Unleash creativity beyond the border of your Whiteboard



Our new landlord Jason Madill at 410 Central graciously agreed to transform the biggest wall in our office into a 300 SF Whiteboard, and presented us with the “Biggest Whiteboard in Montana Award”. It took some experimenting with different products, and the discovery that some Whiteboard paint is marker specific (better or worse with low-order markers). Facebook is said to have transformed every wall into a writable surface, and Schools such as Harvard are quickly catching on. But anybody can do this!

Here are a few notes in case you would like to give it a try:
1. Use a smooth a surface, and (really) follow the manufacturers instructions about how much coverage is needed.
2. Wait until fully cured (depending on product 1 to 7 days)
3. Note that they come in white (like ours), or clear. Clear is fun, since you can have any color as a base, and just apply this as a top coat.
4. If you have a professional or educational use that you really want to perform, go with one of the better products. Some come with 10 year warranties.
5. After trying some locally available off-the shelf products we encountered significant ghosting. So we ended up choosing ReMarkable. Stop by and play with it sometime!

We’d love to hear your experience and recommendations of  products that worked for you.


Sophia Sparklin

Growing up in a family with generations in medical practice, Sophia discovered her passion for architecture during an internship 1996. Since then Sophia received formal and informal education in Germany and the US. At Arizona State University she was honored by the Henry Adams Certificate for graduating on top of her (Master of Architecture) class in 2005.