Wanted: Experienced Architect who loves to shop-talk about wall section details, and…


Spark Architecture is looking for an Architect who can finish projects exceptionally well:


“While you have some involvement in all phases,  you are a true rockstar during the CD and CA phases. You are also a good sport in  putting up with the rest of us when we explore how to make that rain gutter less ugly, use materials in new ways, or accomplish that minimalistic reveal detail without driving up costs.”



  • Check out our Spark Values below. Do our culture and values sound like a good fit?
  • You are very experienced. We expect you to work with minimum supervisions, and to take on the role of a mentor and advisor to junior staff as we grow.
  • You are a natural finisher, pushing projects through the last phases and to completion with relative ease.
  • You truly understand details, their performance implications, how they come together, cost impacts.
  • You do well in Quality Control, and don’t mind redlining drawing sets.
  • You know the Codes, including all the major “intents”.
  • You read consultants plans better than they do, and can effectively orchestrate an optimized integrated design.
  • You know what to convey in the specs
  • You have a fairly good sense of construction costs.
  • While you are fairly grounded in all the realities of construction, but you still get excited about the beauty in certain details. You are willing to  humour less experienced designers’ “visions”, by helping them understand the real world challenges of some of those designs, and sometimes actually coming up with a really cool solution.
  • Focus is one of your super powers. You can take on a project, follow through, and make the corrections necessary to stay on track. You are good at prioritizing, then acting.  That being said, you are willing to consider that some of us have other primary strengths. That means you might have to patiently remind, let’s say Sophia, who is more of an ideation/strategy type, of your priorities, and probe if a possible distraction or disruption is in fact justified. Full disclosure: She can get rather excited about new opportunities, or “optimizing” a design, and might have to reminded a couple more times..


Shoot us a note: “This is me, let’s chat!”, or: “Hey, this is not me, but keep me posted about future opportunities.”

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Who we are today:

We are located in a beautiful old building Downtown Great Falls. Sophia Sparklin founded Spark Architecture in 2012, aspiring to produce excellent work while maintaining a healthy workplace culture. Pairing that vision with seven years of business reality,  Spark Architecture went through an early round of growth, and learned (the hard way) to keeping the pipeline filled, not to rely on one single project, and to be as clear as possible about roles and responsibilities. Over the last few years, we slowly added back to our team, and currently have team members in Montana, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Oregon,  with expertise in architecture, graphic design, interiors, urban planning, urban design, sustainability, and finance.



While Sophia’s Arizona-based work received a variety of design awards, the emerging work with Spark Architecture is just starting to be recognized with recent awards for historic preservation and design supporting community health. We still need your help to get our work to the level of excellence we aspire to. Projects currently on the boards are state, municipal, multi-family/developer, and commercial work, but we still do the occasional cabin or house on some of the most beautiful sites you can imagine. Most of our work is in Montana, with some in Arizona and Idaho. With you on board, we will add more projects aligned with your interests and experience.   


If you are not familiar with Great Falls, start by checking out the Great Falls Tourism Page, and available real estate. If you love  the outdoors (even when it gets windy) , and the idea of a smaller town in which you can afford a historic building or a hobby farm, you might just fall in love with it like we did. Check out our website at Spark406.com for more info, but note that it is currently being re-worked and much of our work is not represented yet.


*Spark Values:






Sophia Sparklin

Growing up in a family with generations in medical practice, Sophia discovered her passion for architecture during an internship 1996. Since then Sophia received formal and informal education in Germany and the US. At Arizona State University she was honored by the Henry Adams Certificate for graduating on top of her (Master of Architecture) class in 2005.